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Not as it seems

Speak my arse. All it does is translate. It doesn't actually audibly tell you how to pronounce the words so it's basically a pointless app.


Good app you souls get it. I would give it 5stars if it spoke what you typed in the irish accent.

Speaking Irish

Cool translating English to Irish but stick to pages and u have to log out of it to get back to a screen

Don't waste your money!!

Inaccurate. Only changes a few words and none of them are translated properly.

Not even worth $1.00

I never give bad reviews of inexpensive apps but this app is a joke.


I love this app it's really good!! :) but the only thing is it doesn't have any sound to tell you how to say but other than that I love it

Fun - not a dialogue coach

There's no audio but if you find a good system to teach you an accent, this is a great backup tool for reminding you of pronunciations.

Lards a fun

Having fun with this app.

waste of time, $$

this app is worthless! It has no audio and hearing how gaelic is pronounced is 99% of learning to speak it

Warning - Don't waste $

All the 5star "reviews" HAVE to be written by the App company just to balance out real reviews like this one. This app has NO audio - you can't hear any actual audible translation, so you can't really learn any true dialect. Hopefully this review will save others their wasted $.

Irish on crack

It's fun. Wish you would throw some more galic words into it and allow copy and paste

Cool App- Very Fun

This is a fantastic app. The developer obviously has a great sense of humor. Lots of fun, check it out.

Can't get it to work ...

Can't get any audio out it it. Contacted their support but they never responded.

What I needed

I already could do the Irish accent this helped me perfect the vocabulary. If you don't know how to do the accent then it does only show words but if you can pull the accent off then works great.

Do not buy

Where is the voice??!! What a waste of $$.

not enough slang

not enough change from what you write to the converted version. nice idea but needs a larger database of words to convert.

Description is totally misleading

What a rip-off. Here's how the developer describes his app: "Improve on your ACCENTS and DIALECT for acting," and "Satisfy your curiosity about Irish slang and how Irishmen and women SPEAK." How the heck can you do that when this app doesn't come with any sound? You can't READ an ACCENT--or get any sense of the way people SPEAK by READing the words and not hearing them. The description in the App Store should say 'satisfy your curiosity about the way the Irish WRITE'--because all this app does is give you a written translation of whatever phrase you type in. That wouldn't be so bad if that's the way the app was described--but it wasn't. And, I really feel cheated. I wish I could get my money back for false representation. I don't know where these good reviews are coming from.

An irish life for me

By far the best irish app on the app store today!

Speakin Irish

Oi love de 1.2 update - keeping de capitalizashun av de original text makes de app even better. T'anks!

Luck O' The Irish

Love this app! A must have!


Nice one. I'm gearin' to send out some special St. Patty's Day emails! Easy to use App.

St Patrick's Day party talk

I am so excited that I found this app before St Patty's Day. I am Irish so I can't wait to start translating all my favorite sayings to my friends and relatives.

Another great app

keep 'em coming, these simple tranlation apps are great! So much fun!

Translate this

A correction to the accidental review I left. Another funny aplication from the perkinsnetwork, it will not dissapoint

Great Holiday Fun!

This is great for the month of March. I am doing all my texting this month with the Speakin Irish.

st.patty strikes again

I love this app. Try it and you'll be glad you did. Made us all laugh. Very entertaining. I recommend trying other apps from Perkinsnetwork. I think they're all great!

Another cool Speakin app

Works great!

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